Criminal Law Section

The Criminal Law Section strives for the contribution of the Lafayette Bar Association, including prosecutors and defense counsel, by providing a forum for the exchange of ideas in the areas of criminal law, correction, procedure, and evidence. The section wants to aid in creating ample working relationships in the courtroom and to enrich the professional growth of local attorneys who practice in the area of criminal law.

The Criminal Law Section encourages members of the Association interested in the problems of criminal law matters throughout Lafayette Parish to meet and confer upon various problems through this section. Encouraging the legal education of members in the association and the public on the problems of criminal law through meetings and by preparing and publishing legal writings in the field of criminal law is rather important for the section.

The purposes of the Criminal Law Section of the Lafayette Bar Association are:

  • To study the criminal law and procedure of the State of Louisiana, making recommendations to elected officials, the Legislature, the judiciary, and the general public of this state concerning alterations, innovations, and improvements therein so as to promote justice and the efficient administration of justice, and to protect the public and the rights of each individual.
  • To promote means of reducing the volume of crime in the State of Louisiana
  • To promote effective institutional and non-institutional correction and rehabilitation of individuals convicted of violating criminal laws of the state.
  • To provide CLE seminars to develop a higher education for members of the section.
  • To enhance the community of criminal lawyers through social and professional collaboration.

All lawyers within the area who have an interest in criminal law can benefit from joining this section. Dues are $25 per year in addition to an annual membership. To join the Criminal Law Section, sign in to your Member Portal and click on "Committees & Groups" to join the section or call the Lafayette Bar office at 337-237-4700.

Ready to join the section? Contact the Lafayette Bar Association at (337) 237-4700.