Real Estate & Transactional Section

The Real Estate and Transactional Section observes and reports on judicial, legislative and other developments that affect the practice. The goal of the section is to promote, clarify and educate members concerning issues arising in Louisiana real estate law. Keeping its members informed through numerous continuing legal education (CLE) programs that provide a unique opportunity to study while renewing and building connections with other real estate lawyers is important for the group.

The section also brings together members who share a special interest in the areas of law that relate to the conduct of business, including banking law, securities regulation, business financing, acquisitions, antitrust, contracts, corporations, director liability, mergers, guarantees and other areas. The section is committed to providing services that its members value, operating in a fiscally responsible manner, and enhancing the professional collegiality among all Lafayette Parish business lawyers.

All lawyers within the area who have an interest in real estate or transactional law can benefit from joining this section. Dues are $35 per year in addition to an annual membership. To join the Real Estate & Transactional Section, sign in to your Member Portal and click on "Committees & Groups" to join the section or call the Lafayette Bar office at 337-237-4700.

Ready to join the section? Contact the Lafayette Bar Association at (337) 237-4700.