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Position Information 
Administrative Law Judge (Remote)- Temporary
The Administrative Law Judge is responsible for conducting adversarial, evidentiary hearings concerning unemployment insurance benefits and related programs, and renders binding decisions on the appealed issues. This position acts as a lead worker and handles the most complex Appeals Tribunal issues, where arguments are expected to differ from established patterns. The position requires a consistent and functioning presence at work to manage a required caseload. Requires daily independent decision making, which may require a rapid response turnaround, requires dealing with large groups of people and dealing with large volumes of work involving a variety of program areas and specific deadlines. This is an HGI Global Temporary Position - work from the comfort of your home! RESPONSIBILITIES: • Prepares for hearings by reading case documentation and being versed in federal and state laws, LWC policies and procedures. • Prepares for hearings and submits any questions to management at least one business day in advance. • Reviews case records in advance of hearings to confirm accurate noticing and to prepare hearing questions. • Works in conjunction with case manager/Clerk of Court's office to Schedule docketed appeals, issue witness subpoenas and subpoenas duces tecum, when necessary; define the scope of each hearing to be conducted and, compose appropriately worded information to be placed on hearing notices in compliance with due process of law. • Engages in a continuous study of unemployment insurance laws by reviewing current statutes, rules, amendments and decisions. • Conducts continuous study of applicable current decisions, rulings, and amendments, statutes, and rules. • Conducts fair and speedy due process hearings concerning entitlement to unemployment insurance benefits as defined by federal and Louisiana laws and regulations. All hearings are expected to begin at the scheduled time. • Conducts due process hearings concerning entitlement to benefits as defined by federal laws, state laws, and regulations. Handles complex issues, where arguments are expected to differ from established patterns. • Conducts continuous study of applicable statutes and current case law, agency policies and interpretations. • Independently weighs the testimonial and documentary evidence presented, assesses the credibility of witnesses and determines the facts. • Examines relevant and material evidence, legal and administrative documents, reviews and considers testimony in detail, makes findings of fact and applies facts to the law. • Analyzes technical exhibits; rules on legal admissibility of evidence; administers oaths and interrogates witnesses and interested parties; rules on objections, giving oral reasons; resolves procedural questions; explains hearing procedures to parties at hearing; grants or denies postponements, continuances, and reopening requests. • May conduct specialized appeals, which includes Tax Appeals, Trade Appeals, Tax Assessment, etc., which are outside the normal duties for the Attorney 1 positions. These specialized duties require handling cases that are significantly more complex and cover issues that have little, if any, direct correlation to the standard UI Appeals cases. These cases are reserved for and require expertise of a team member who has demonstrated the ability to proficiently conduct specialized hearings, thoroughly research issues, and comprehensively resolve more complex cases completely and independently. • Makes a complete and accurate record of the proceedings digitally, to include all relevant and material matters, including properly identified exhibits accepted into evidence during hearing. Organizes documentary evidence for possible appellate review. • Maintains decorum of proceedings, including imposing sanctions against those found guilty of contumacy or unethical conduct, while protecting the constitutional rights of all interested parties. • Reviews and considers testimony and evidence in detail; determines credibility and weight of evidence; makes findings of fact; applies facts to law, interprets law, and draws independent conclusions. • Research applicable statutes and case law; researches applicable agency policy and interpretations. • Writes formal decision that sets forth facts, cites applicable law and states reason for decision; orders agency to implement decision, which is binding unless appealed and overturned on appellate review. The decision may affirm, reverse, or modify an agency determination or it may remand the matter to the agency for further consideration. Proofreads decision for accuracy and signs decision prior to mailing. • Prepares for hearings by reading case documentation. Defines scope of each hearing to be conducted and composes appropriately worded information to be placed on hearing notices, in compliance with due process of law. Schedules docket, issues witness subpoenas and subpoenas duces tecum, when necessary. • May conduct pre-hearing conference with all parties represented, arranging for stipulations and ad hoc procedures. • Travels throughout assigned territory to conduct hearings. Travels statewide, as needed, to assist with backlog of cases in other territories. Travels both in-state and out-of-state to attend meetings. conferences, seminars, and training sessions. • Reviews decisions for stop removal and insertion for prompt payments and/or stop of payments on a claim. Initiates action to generate benefit payment resulting from deletion and/or correction of computer records. • Collects data from files for Administrative Law Judges for routine inquires or periodic reports. Reviews cases to identify possible fraud and provides information to the Investigations Unit of the Louisiana Workforce Commission.
Position: Administrative Law Judge (Remote)- Temporary
Location: Kenner,  LA 
United States
Salary: $30.00/hr
Posting Start Date:
Date Posted: 7/13/2021
Requirements EDUCATION: Juris Doctorate COMPETENCIES – SKILLS/KNOWLEDGE/ABILITIES: • Writes accurate, timely and quality decisions in accordance with ET Handbook No. 382, 3rd Edition, Handbook for Measuring UI Lower Authority Appeals Quality (the 31 Points), the Appeals Tribunal ALJ Manual and any directives given by management. All written decisions set forth the facts and reasons for the decision, the applicable law and the decision reached. • Production Standard: The Chief of Appeals will establish the weekly production requirement, which generally will consist of 25-35 cases per week. Production requirements will be based upon the number and types of cases pending; ALJ job functions; complexity of cases; and experience level of the ALJ (i.e., ALJ Entry/ALJ Regular/ALJ Advanced). ALJ must complete 100% of the production requirement. • Quality Standard: The quality of your hearings and decisions will be based upon the average score of three cases, randomly selected each quarter of the rating period and scored in accordance with the 31 Points quality measures. Scores will be reflected as a percentage and rounded to the nearest whole number. ALJ must achieve a quality score of at least 95%. • Timeliness Standard: The timeliness of your decision writing will be measured by the percentage of cases heard, and decisions written, within one business day of the respective hearing. "One business day" is defined as the 24 hours immediately following the end of the workday on which the ALJ conducted the hearing. Date written will be determined by the mail date on the decision in HiRE. If the ALJ misses work due to illness on the day after the hearing is conducted, this period is tolled to the next day the ALJ is present at work. All decisions must be mailed within 48 hours of the completed hearing. In addition, decisions should be implemented within 3 days of the decision mail date. • ALJ is required to alert his/her manager via email, on a daily basis, when the timeliness standard will not be met and make arrangements to work compensatory time, if necessary. • Accuracy Standard: According to the 31 points, all decisions must be sufficiently accurate to implement as written. The accuracy standard will be based on the number of corrected decisions issued over the rating period and any decisions reviewed for the rating period. • Prepare and maintain status reports on production level which includes hearings conducted, decisions written and decisions implemented. • Prepare and submit weekly composite reports that track production levels which include the number of hearings conducted, decisions written and mailed daily, and decisions implemented. • Weekly reports are submitted to your supervisor and/or his or her designee and the Appeals Metrics Coordinator/Technical Support Specialist no later than the Monday following the designated work week by 2:00 PM. • All reports are submitted timely on a weekly basis. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: • Prolonged periods of sitting at a desk and working on a computer. • Must be able to lift up to 15 pounds at times.
Status: This listing expires on: 10/12/2021
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