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Member Spotlight: H. Edward Barousse III

Get to know LBA Member Edward Barousse
About Edward Barousse

H. Edward “Ed” Barousse, III is from Crowley, Louisiana, and attended and graduated from Episcopal School of Acadiana in 1991. Ed is also a member of the Millsaps College Class of 1995 and University of Richmond Class of 2000, where he was also Student Bar Association President. He joined Borne Wilkes & Rabalais at the beginning of 2017 after previously doing contract work as an attorney in Washington, D.C. Prior to working in D.C., he spent a decade at an insurance defense form in New Orleans and helping his father Homer Ed Barousse, Jr. wind down his practice in Crowley, LA. Ed says, “My current job is a great fit and confirms that civil defense work is what I know and enjoy.”

He was inspired to enter the legal field by the hard work of his father, who practiced from 1969 to 2016 in Crowley, LA. His father was careful to never encourage or discourage his five children from a legal career, and more than anything showed Ed how to be a gentleman and to reasonably expect to be judged by his words and actions. Initially, Ed intended to go to medical school when he began college but had difficulty with advance science course. He recalls, “My father told me, ‘Who are you fooling? You enjoy writing and public speaking.' He was right.” After that conversation during his sophomore year, Ed decided to go to law school. Ed was also inspired by his legal mentor, Joe Maselli, at his previous firm of Plauche Maselli Parkerson in New Orleans: “Joe taught me to practice law, and for that I will always be indebted to him.”

A typical day for Ed includes a walk to and from work when the weather is nice. “It's about fifteen minutes each way and is a great opportunity to collect my thoughts for the day. Though it is sometimes only an aspirational goal in the practice of law, I try to stay organized enough that I can work without surprises. We have a bright and personable group at our firm, which certainly makes work more enjoyable.” When he's not in the office, Ed likes to enjoy the best of what Lafayette has to offer, as well as traveling, exercising, and attending concerts.

Three things Ed cannot live without:
  • Coffee
  • His entire music library accessible on his phone
  • The ability to find the humor in almost any situation

Advice for New Attorneys

“There are no stupid questions. I've told young attorneys more than once that a lot of professional athletes often describe a moment when the game slows down for them. He or she is acting rather than reacting. That takes time, and young attorneys should be patient. And, in fairness, their mentors should be as well.”
When asked what people might be surprised to learn about him, Ed had this entertaining story to share:

“When I was in law school in Virginia, I was out one night with some friends and was approached to be an extra in an ABC Sunday Night Movie of the Week- "Tom Clancy's Netforce". I was on the set for twelve hours of overnight filming in downtown Richmond. The decision was made during filming for me to be a DC police officer instead of standing in as an extra. The other guys playing officers were trying to make a living as actors, but I wound up being the only one recognizable on television. The highlight was being next to Judge Reinhold between takes and being able to tell him that "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" is one of my favorite movies (he gets that a lot). My fleeting television fame is available for viewing on Youtube- I've checked.”