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How to Reach Potential Clients with the Online Member Directory

Looking for the right attorney can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Build your business and make it easier for clients to find you with the Online Member Directory.

We are excited to announce the unveiling of the Online Member Directory, which is where public citizens and potential clients will be directed to find and hire an attorney. This will take the place of the Lawyer Referral Service.
The Online Member Directory (OMD) is viewable by all members and the public. Every member will have the opportunity to list themselves under one or multiple listings. These listings will indicate the type of law you practice, if you have any special skills (e.g. speaks Spanish), and include your contact information.
Every time someone calls the Lafayette Bar Association in search of a lawyer, we advise them to go to our website and search the Online Member Directory for an attorney who can represent them in court. We do not give the name of any particular member over the phone or in person; it is up to the person seeking an attorney to find an attorney that is right for them, which is typically based on the attorneys listed in the OMD.
When you include yourself in the Online Member Directory, the public will see your name and information when they search under specific areas of practice. For instance, if you are a Family Law attorney specializing in divorce and custody, you will add yourself to these listings. When someone who is in need of an attorney to represent them through the divorce and custody agreement, they will see your name and contact information and contact your office directly.
Upon renewing your membership dues for 2018, you will automatically receive the listing of “Member” in the Online Member Directory but being listed under particular areas of practice will be a huge marketing advantage for you to grow your business and increase your number of clients. You are also making it easier for potential clients to find you.
As a bonus opportunity to market yourself, you can also complete your biography in your Member Portal, which will show up under your listings as well. You can include your honors and achievements, information about your practice, or anything that will help promote your practice.
Adding yourself to the Online Member Directory is simple. All you have to do is contact the LBA Marketing Coordinator (click here to email) with the directory listings you would like to be included under. Your name will be added to those listings, and you will receive an invoice from the LBA ($15/listing.) To view a list of all available listings on the OMD, click here.
So, you see, by including yourself under multiple areas of practice, you are increasing the chances of someone calling you to represent them in court, therefore increasing your client-intake and increasing your business and making the process of searching for the right attorney much easier for your potential clients.