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Member Spotlight: Jason A. Matt

Get to know Member Jason A. Matt
About Jason A. Matt

Jason A. Matt is a Lafayette native and graduate of St. Thomas More. After finishing a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at University of Louisiana at Lafayette, he earned a JD from Loyola University College of Law. He is currently a personal injury attorney at the Law Offices of Matt and Allen, focusing solely on injuries, but delivering lots of free advice to family and friends. Jason was inspired to enter the legal field after listening to countless teachers and authority figures who told him he should be a lawyer after disciplining him for respectfully explaining how he was right and they were wrong.

Jason has a few mentors. His biggest is his father, Miles Matt, whom he works with and learns from. He also admires former Judge "Dickie" Haik, who gave him his first job out of law school and invaluable experience as a law clerk. Another mentor and partner-in-crime of his is Joey Streva, who Jason and his father jokingly say shares custody of him because Jason and Joey spend so much time together. Jason says, “Turns out Joey is also a good wing man, since many-a-woman has complimented me on being a ‘sweet grandson' to accompany him to local watering holes, like the former Filling Station, may it rest in peace-Thanks Joe!”

When he isn't in the office, Jason is can be found outdoors either grilling, riding bikes downtown, or listening to live music. People are usually surprised to learn that Jason races dirt bikes, but they are almost always surprised to learn that he has a 15 year-old daughter. Recently, because she just got her driver's permit, he has found humor in explaining the near heart attacks he has experienced when she very casually pulls out onto Johnson Street.  He is almost always met with a look of confusion, a gasp, and "Wait, how old is your daughter?!"

Three things Jason A. Matt cannot live without: Jason quoted Hank Jr. and said, “lawyers, guns and money.”
  • God
  • Family
  • Friends

One of the only, and favorite, books Jason has ever finished was "Mr. New Orleans". He says, “If you ever get the chance to read it, do yourself a favor and do it. Unfortunately, the main subject was murdered a few years ago, but if you had read the book, that would not come as a surprise. It has it all, and it's nonfiction.”
Jason's Typical Day
“I have two very different regimens for the weekday and weekend. On a typical week day, my first alarm sounds at 6:48 because if I snooze 3 times, it will go off at 7:15. However, I usually turn that alarm off at 6:48, but my second alarm is set for 7:18 because turning my first alarm off will allow me an even 30 extra minutes of sleep, and I can then snooze up to 4 times which will be 7:45, the absolute latest that I can casually exit my bed and proceed to shower, get dressed and be at work for 8:00 (I live 2 minutes, or 1/2 mile, from work-it's glorious). If none of this makes sense to you, it's okay. It doesn't really make sense to me either, but that actually happens every single weekday.

Then I go to work, return home, eat, sleep and repeat.

On the weekend, I set no alarms and sleep until I cannot sleep anymore. I wake up at whatever time that is, shower and go get coffee at the closest coffee shop that's open, which depends on whether it's a Saturday or a Sunday. Hopefully, with zero plans for the weekend, I get brunch and enjoy my day. Sundays usually involve vegging out on the couch to mindless television shows like Shark Tank, Naked and Afraid, basically whatever is playing one after the other and prepping for the work week.”

Awards/ Positions Held:
His most recent and prized award was the first ever Tammy DeRouen Outstanding Service to the Bar award, because Tammy will always hold a special place in his heart. He says, “I hope she brought a bunch of cigarettes to Heaven, because myself and many other members of our bar association, who shall remain anonymous (but you know who you are) will be there bumming from her.”
He is the current Chair of the Young Lawyer Section Golf Tournament Committee and the President Elect for Downtown Lafayette Unlimited (DLU)-the organization that does Downtown Alive, Artwalk and Movie in the Parc.
2018 Super Lawyer Rising Star
Advice for new attorneys:
“Save yourself the headache. Refer your personal injury cases to me.”