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Bar Association Holiday Schedule

Included are days that the LBA will be closed for the Holidays:
The holiday season is upon us! We've got our sleighbells jingling and our chestnuts roasting here at the LBA! We'll be closing for some celebration time, so here is a list of dates and hours for the next few weeks when we will be out:
  • December 8: LBA will close at noon, with the annual Holiday Party starting at 6:00p.m.
  • December 14: LBA will be close from 11:00a.m. until 1:00p.m.
  • December 23-26: LBA will be closed for Christmas. Normal hours will resume on December 27.
  • January 2-3: LBA will be closed for New Year's. Normal hours will resume on January 4.

If any of these times chage, we will update all of our members via this blog, Facebook and/or email. Please keep an eye out for any news, and don't forget to mark your calendars for these upcoming events:
  • CLE by the Hour throughout December: REGISTER HERE!
  • Red Mass and Court Opening on January 13

We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!