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Member Spotlight: Nicole Breaux Miller

Get to know LBA Member and Bench Bar Chair Nicole Breaux Miller
Nicole Breaux Miller, currently a solo practitioner at the Law Office of Nicole B. Breaux in Crowley, Louisiana, is a member of the Lafayette Bar Association and serves as the Bench Bar Committee Chair. Originally from New Orleans, she graduated from the University of New Orleans with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Hotel and Restaurant Management. She later received her Juris Doctorate at Loyola University in New Orleans, LA. During her career, Nicole has served on the Lafayette Bar Association Board of Directors and as a Family Law Section President.
Although Nicole spent eleven years in the restaurant industry, she always knew that she wanted to do more and law school was always in the back of her mind. With a family tree that inspired her to enter law school, it was an easy decision to attend and graduate from Loyola University. The family members that inspired her include one of her brothers (Attorney Michael D. Breaux), father (Physics degree), and grandfather (attended law school).
While her family has been an inspiration to her, Nicole has also had several other mentors in her professional life. First is Sachida Raman, “Sachida Raman was my first boss and never allowed any of us to cut corners. If we asked him a question, he would lead us in the right direction to find the answer, but would never give it to us. He inspired confidence in me and truly taught me how to practice family law.” Second is Terry Fitzgerald, whom she worked closely with at Cox Fitzgerald. “[Terry] taught me how to read clients and counsel them.” Nicole also considers her husband, Jack Miller, to be one of the biggest inspirations in her life. “My husband has been the most inspiring attorney in my life. I have never seen anyone more passionate about the law. He truly sees practicing law as his calling in life and wants to make every client's life better in all aspects. I always strive to be more like him.”
That being said, the three things that Nicole says she cannot live without are her husband, Jack, her horse, Trick, and her dogs, JoJo and River. You may be surprised to learn that Nicole has also been a vegan for 8.5 years and loves to cook and entertain. “I cook at least four nights a week.” Nicole is also a competitive equestrian athlete who travels and competes during the fall and spring; she also has a huge love for animals. “I ride my horse and train five days a week all throughout the year. I am a sucker for animals and give all I can to help as many as I can.” It's safe to say that when she's not in the office, she is probably at the barn. In addition to her love for animals and entertaining, Nicole also considers herself addicted to her Peloton bike and says she secretly would love to be a homicide detective.
A typical day for Nicole starts with waking up early and having two large cups of coffee before jumping on her Peloton bike or going to work out at Red Lerille's Racquet and Health Club, which she does twice a week. After her workout, Nicole will head to the barn to ride her horse and then head into the office for work. She typically tries to make it home by 5:00 pm to start dinner; she and her husband enjoy dinner together every night.
When asked what advice she would give to new attorneys, Nicole says:
“I would advise new attorneys to work very hard for their client's best interest. Try to settle your client's case and work amicably with the opposing attorney. We all need to be nicer and more respectful to each other and remember what our purpose is in our clients' lives.”

Above Photo: Nicole Breaux Miller, Jack Miller, and Maggie Simar