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Admiralty & Maritime

The following attorneys are listed in the Lawyer Referral Database under Admiralty & Maritime.
These attorneys handle Maritime Law, including contracts and the Jones Act.


Name Firm/Company Phone Number Email Link Offshore Injury
(Jones Act)
Bennett Boyd Anderson, Jr. Anderson, Dozier, Blanda & Saltzman (337)233-3366 Email Bennett
Richard C. Broussard Broussard & David (337)233-2323 Email Richard
Larry Curtis Lawrence N. Curtis (337)235-1825 Email Larry
Blake R. David Broussard & David (337)233-2323 Email Blake
Jeremy A. Hebert Becker & Hebert (337)233-1987 Email Jeremy
Matthew D. McConnell McConnell Law Offices (337)347-6404 Email Matt
Michael S. O'Brien Attorney at Law (337)234-0600 Email Michael
Lindsay C. Rabalais Law Offices of Dan Claitor (225)757-0159 Email Lindsay  

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