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How do I log in as a member?

How do I log in as a Member?

Step 1: Click on the Member Login button

  • From the LBA homepage, click the "Member Login" button. There is an arrow pointing to the button in the picture below.

Step 2: Enter your username
  • Enter your username in the proper box (shown colored in RED in the picture below). 
  • Your username is your email address.
Step 3: Enter your password
  • Enter your password in the proper box (shown colored in BLUE in the picture below).
  • If you have not logged in before, your password will be the last five (5) digits of your phone number.

Step 4: Change your username and password
  • You can change your username by editing the "Username" field (shown in green below).
  • To change your password, edit the "Password" field (shown in red below) and confirm the password in the "Re-enter Password" field (shown in blue below).
  • To save these changes, click the "SAVE CHANGES>>" button at the bottom of the screen.

Please contact the LBA staff if you have any problems logging in.