What does LBA Membership do for You?

The Lafayette Bar Association (LBA) is a professional organization composed of over 900 attorneys. Chartered in 1972, the LBA was created to:

  • Promote compliance with the rules and regulations of the Louisiana State Bar Association and Codes of Ethics applicable to the practice of law within this State and in the Federal Courts
  • Encourage continuing legal education of its members
  • Advance the science of legal jurisprudence
  • Promote the administration of justice
  • Uphold the honor and dignity of the Courts and of the legal profession
  • Promote better professional services, enlightened practice of law, public relations, professional courtesy and cordiality and the general welfare of the profession

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The LBA Online Member Directory:

We are proud to have a new and improved, completely searchable member directory including members' photos.

We hope members will find this new feature beneficial when searching for a colleague or looking up contact info for a fellow attorney. As you might guess, members of the public might also find this directory useful for finding attorneys.

With that in mind, we have set up a Terms of Service page that users have to accept before  entering the member directory. Also, we have tried to make the information difficult to harvest for spamming or unsolicited marketing.

To navigate to the Member Directory on our site go the home page> Click Members from the top right navigation > on the left hand navigation, click Member Directory.

FAQ About the Online Member Directory:

Will I be able to change my picture?

How can I update my contact information and web site address?

How long will it take to see any changes to my record on the site?

  • The member directory will be updated at the end of every month.

Can I add my email address?

  • Not at this time. That functionality may be made available later on down the road. However, if you include your web address, users can find your email address on your web site.
  • This way each member's email privacy preferences can be handled at their own discretion on their own web sites.

How can I add practice areas to my listing?

  • You may use the PDF form provided below to sign up for practice areas. Each practice area costs five dollars ($5), and you are limited to five (5) practice areas.
  • If you are already a member of our Lawyer Referral Service program - your practice areas should already be included in the member directory. If not, and you would like for your practice areas to be included on the member directory, you can sign up for this service by using the form below.
  • Should you choose to use this advertising opportunity, it will be free until January 2012 at which time you will have the option of renewing this service when you pay your annual dues.
  • Download Member Directory Practice Areas Registration PDF>>

The LBA Works To Enhance Professionalism:

  • Annual Bench-Bar Conference
  • Management of pro bono caseload through participation in Lafayette Volunteers Lawyers
  • Community service activities throughout the year to benefit the disadvantaged in Acadiana
  • Social events for the legal community

The LBA Offers Financial Benefits To Members:

  • Discounts at all LBA-sponsored CLE seminars
  • Complimentary attendance at most LBA functions and socials

The LBA Provides Quality Publications:

  • The LBA newsletter, The Promulgator, features substantive articles and news of association events and members
  • E-Blasts, which are e-mailed to members, feature upcoming events and activities

The LBA creates business opportunities for members through the Lawyer Referral Service:

Each day, the LBA staff receive phone calls from people in our community in search of an attorney. The LBA Lawyer Referral Service benefits our members and the community, matching clients with attorneys whose area of practice will best suit their needs. For more information on the Lawyer Referral Service, click on the link below to e-mail the staff of the LBA.

Listed below are the main categories offered in the panel membership. Your basic membership fee of $35 allows you to select three major categories. Additional categories can be added for $15 each. Each panel attorney is limited to a total of six categories. Please download the registration form to view the subheadings.

  • Administrative/Government
  • Admiralty
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Bankruptcy
  • Business
  • Criminal Defense
  • Domestic
  • Estate Law
  • Insurance Defense
  • Intellectual Property
  • Labor and Employment
  • Match Program
  • Oil, Gas & Mineral
  • Taxation
  • Torts

Lawyer Referral Service Lawyer Referral Service (45 KB)

LBPA Lawyer Referral Service Rules LBPA Lawyer Referral Service Rules (41 KB)

LPBA Lawyer Referral Service Rules LPBA Lawyer Referral Service Rules (67 KB)

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