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Below is a list of helpful links:

Louisiana Occupational Wage Data

Family Violence Intervention Program

Louisiana State Police Sex Offender/
Child Predator Registry

The Family Tree

15th JDC Family Court


Lafayette Parish Clerk

Louisiana's Online Guide to Free Legal Help

State of Louisiana Website

Louisiana Department of Social Services

Secretary of State

Louisiana State Bar

West Legal Directory

Louisiana Supreme Court


Louisiana Third Circuit Court of Appeal

Center for Families, Children, & the Courts

Louisiana Dept. Of Justice

The Journal of Family Psychology

Louisiana Law Reports from the Supreme Court
and Louisiana Legislature


Louisiana Attorney Diciplinary Board

American Bar Association

US. Dept. of HHS

Louisiana State Legislature

Supreme Court of the U.S.

U.S. Census Bureau

Online Resource for Louisiana Advocates
serving the public interest

Louisiana Attorney General's Office

Disclaimer: The links provided herein are not comprehensive and do not in any way endorse or support the organizations or entities involved. They are merely provided as information and should be viewed as neutral data bases. Members, who want to share other similar sites for posting, should first provide the information to any member of the Section's Executive Committee.

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