Lafayette Volunteer Lawyers

The Lafayette Volunteer Lawyer program, more commonly referred to as LVL, provides pro bono civil legal services for those who qualify financially.

How do you qualify for the LVL program?

LVL receives all of its cases from Acadiana Legal Service Corporation (ALSC). ALSC completes an initial intake on potential LVL clients, gathering information and determining financial eligibility (generally, 125% of the national poverty guidelines). After completing the initial intake, ALSC sends the qualified cases to the LVL office for the LVL coordinator to place each case with a private attorney. Through this collaborative effort with ALSC, LVL places approximately 200 cases per year with private attorneys. Additionally, ALSC helps to fund the LVL program with a portion of their grants. ALSC's professional liability insurance follows the cases and covers the private attorney who accepts an LVL client.

How do you as an attorney benefit from choosing to take LVL cases?

LVL presents members of the bar the opportunity to give back to the community by offering professional legal services to the less fortunate. The program helps to provide competent legal representation and access to the legal system for qualified people. Tammy Derouen, LVL Coordinator says of the positive benefits gained by working in the pro bono program, “I believe if a person is denied the opportunity to receive their day in court then that individual begins to feel disenfranchised and looses faith in our legal system. Choosing to work on pro bono cases also helps to increase the positive image attorneys have in our community. Last but certainly not least, it might even make you feel good.”

The LVL program provides an indispensable service to our community and would not be possible without dedicated professionals who volunteer their time month after month. If you have any questions or are interested in any other programs offered by LVL including the Protective Order Panel, or the Lafayette Parish Bar Pro Bono Curator Panel, please contact Tammy Derouen.

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