Job Seekers

Thank you for using the Lafayette Bar Association Job Board. Please see the resumes and qualifications for job applicants below:

Job Seeker - Attorney Seeks Position with a Real Estate Title Firm18-Sep-2015

Your Name Ronald Hammock Email Address ..

Job Seeker - Legal Assistant/Paralegal18-Sep-2015

Your Name Joyce Haley Email Address ..

Job Seeker - Paralegal, Legal Secretary, or Legal Assistant18-Sep-2015

Your Name Kerri Michael Email Address ..

Job Seeker - Litigation Attorney24-Aug-2015

Your Name Malcolm "Max" Martin Email Address

Job Seeker - Legal Secretary, Paralegal, Receptionist21-Aug-2015

Your Name Megan Hebert Email Address ..

Job Seeker - Legal/Administrative Assistant, Paralegal17-Aug-2015

Your Name Pamela Breaux Email Address ..

Job Seeker- Legal Secretary/Receptionist14-Aug-2015

Your Name Kristen Sonnier Email Address ..

Job Seeker- Receptionist14-Aug-2015

Your Name Suzanne Melancon Email Address ..

Job Seeker- Attorney 07-Aug-2015

Your Name Michael Guidry Email Address

Job Seeker- Paralegal/ Legal Assistant07-Aug-2015

Your Name Joni Chustz Email Address ..

Job Seeker- Receptionist07-Aug-2015

Your Name Danielle Cormier Email Address daniellecormier7707@yahoo..

Job Seeker- Associate Litigation Attorney27-Jul-2015

Your Name Malcolm "Max" Martin Email Address

Job Seeker-Paralegal/Legal Assistant 27-Jul-2015

Your Name Kacy Reed Email Address ..

Job Seeker-Legal Assistant21-Jul-2015

Your Name Melinda Bubb Email Address ..

Job Seeking - Paralegal/ Legal Assistant13-Mar-2015

Your Name Erin Taylor Email Address ..

Job Seeker- Karen Turner10-Mar-2015

Your Name Karen Turner Email Address ..

Job Seeker- Paralegal/ Legal Assistant10-Mar-2015

Your Name Melissa Gisclar Email Address ..

Job Seeker- Paralegal-Bergeron10-Mar-2015

Your Name Madeleine Bergeron Email Address bergeronmadeleine2@gmai..