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Job Seeker - Legal Assistant04-Feb-2016

Your Name Jenna Daigle Email Address ..

Job Seeker - Legal Billing04-Feb-2016

Your Name Marty Carter Email Address ..

Job Seeker - Receptionist, Runner, Office Administrator04-Feb-2016

Your Name Krislyn Vollenweider Email Address krislynhannie@gmail.c..

Job Seeker - Runner, Receptionist, or Clerical Worker02-Feb-2016

Your Name Rachel Breaux Email Address ..

Job Opening - Deputy-in-Charge (US District Court)15-Jan-2016

Your Name Charlotte Deville Email Address Charlotte_Deville@lawd.u..

Job Seeker - Business to Business Sales Strategist14-Jan-2016

Sales Strategist & Practitioner ..

Job Seeker - Legal Assistant14-Jan-2016

Your Name Wendy Phillips Email Address

Job Seeker - Paralegal, Compliance Analyst, or Office Administrator14-Jan-2016

Your Name Erica Gardner Email Address ..

Job Seeker - Part-Time Courier 02-Nov-2015

Your Name Corey Hebert Email Address ..

Job Seeker - Paralegal/Law Clerk/Associate Attorney28-Oct-2015

Your Name Meagan Smith Email Address ..

Job Seeker - Legal Assistant23-Oct-2015

Your Name Melony Tupper Email Address ..

Job Seeker - Paralegal/Legal Assistant21-Oct-2015

Your Name Barbara Broussard Email Address ..

Job Seeker - Attorney Seeks Position with a Real Estate Title Firm18-Sep-2015

Your Name Ronald Hammock Email Address ..

Job Seeker - Legal Assistant/Paralegal18-Sep-2015

Your Name Joyce Haley Email Address ..

Job Seeker - Paralegal, Legal Secretary, or Legal Assistant18-Sep-2015

Your Name Kerri Michael Email Address ..

Job Seeker - Litigation Attorney24-Aug-2015

Your Name Malcolm "Max" Martin Email Address

Job Seeker - Legal Secretary, Paralegal, Receptionist21-Aug-2015

Your Name Megan Hebert Email Address ..

Job Seeker - Legal/Administrative Assistant, Paralegal17-Aug-2015

Your Name Pamela Breaux Email Address ..

Job Seeker- Legal Secretary/Receptionist14-Aug-2015

Your Name Kristen Sonnier Email Address ..

Job Seeker- Karen Turner10-Mar-2015

Your Name Karen Turner Email Address ..

Job Seeker- Paralegal/ Legal Assistant10-Mar-2015

Your Name Melissa Gisclar Email Address ..

Job Seeker- Paralegal-Bergeron10-Mar-2015

Your Name Madeleine Bergeron Email Address bergeronmadeleine2@gmai..